DeLeon Farms    
Specializing in top quality alfalfa hay.

Delivery available.

Located west of Weiser Idaho on the Oregon side
of the Snake RIver.
Our area is famous for the quality of hay grown!
Earth Friendly Farming Practices
Superior  Service,  Competitive Pricing
Hay Delivered to Your Barn
We have over 40 years of experience in producing alfalfa hay.
We work hard every year to produce the finest quality hay!   

We specialize in small two tie bales for the horse owner and small
hobby farmer.   No special equipment needed to feed this hay.

Our preference is to use natural methods of control for weeds
and pests whenever possible.
(A Little About What We Do)
We are involved in all steps of raising our hay.   With our personal touch on
every bale you can be assured you are buying the best.
We have no middle man,  so we can keep our prices competitive!

We own our own semi and can deliver your hay orders from our farm to your
Discounts given for hay picked up at the farm.
We will load your truck, trailer, or semi for free.

All 2016 hay has been Sold

Thank you for your patience.
Hay has been in high demand due to the
difficult winter.

We swathed our first field May 8th.

We will post a notice as soon
as we have 2017 hay for sale.