About Us
About Our Business
DeLeon Farms along old highway 201 was started in December of 2006.
When Manny and Lynn met they were drawn together by a love of  the country
way of life.  They realized very quickly they had the same work ethics, goals,
and dreams.
He asked her if she would like to be a farmer's wife and the new DeLeon
Farms was born.  
Manny was born and raised into a farming family in Idaho.  His hobbies are
hiking, fishing,  and camping.   His previous hay farm was located in Emmett
Idaho for 21 years.   
In 1994 Manny was awarded Outstanding Conservation Farmer of the year by
Gem Soil and Water Conservation District.
From an early age he realized he had a talent for growing hay.   In 1980 he
switched from row crops to raising only alfalfa hay.  Mother Nature doesn't
always cooperate, but each year Manny works at producing the highest
quality hay.

Lynn grew up on ranches in Montana and Oregon.  She spent 21 years in
Summerville, Oregon raising her two sons.  She worked as a dog groomer
and Security Officer.    Her hobby was raising kid friendly donkeys and mules.
With her ranching background and over 25 years of hay buying experience
she has  valuable insight  from the customer's perspective.

With their combined life experiences they make an awesome team.  They
work together 24/7 whether it's in the field or delivering the hay.

The farm was abandoned for over 11 years so it took an intense effort on
their part to get things up and running.   They feel it was worth the extra labor
to make it an earth friendly farm.  
The hay is now on it's 9th year of growth. They will be replacing some of the
fields this year with even higher quality alfalfa.  This area is famous for the
quality of hay produced.   Their healthy hay fields speak volumes about the
care they put into their growing practices.  
They believe in superior customer service and take pride in having
customers that come back year after year.
Our helpers & constant companions.

They are trained to open gopher holes, so we can set traps.  
They are more efficient and less damaging to the fields than
mechanical methods.

They are also on guard duty 24/7.
Aug 20, 2002--Sept 7, 2016

She was always happy to welcome
visitors to the farm.
She will be missed.